Boat Cruise on the Li River from Guilin to Yangshuo

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Boat Cruise on the Li River from Guilin to Yangshuo

After our hectic schedule of the last 8 days it was a welcome break to take the four hour boat cruise from Guilin to Yangshou.

We saw all manner of tourist boats on the river, from very small bamboo boats to large 3 story boats that we took to Yangshuo. the first and second decks are inside air conditioned rooms both with table and chairs laid out while the top deck was a standing-only viewing area.

The sun was shining and the temperature was extremely hot as we set off and we were glad of the air conditioning. However as the boat started to make it’s way through the beautiful valleys and gorges of the Li river with its characteristic mountain shapes on either side we soon found ourselves on the top deck, snapping pictures, trying to capture the beauty of the surrounding countryside on camera.

The cruise to Yangshuo take 4 hours and around 11.30 a Chinese lunch was served. The boat owners also try sell additional fish from the river but our guide Helen had warned us about the prices so, not being that keen on fish, we declined. Unlimited water was also provided from a water cooler and beer was included in the meal.

A map showing the various sites we would see along the way including the Nine Horse Rock and the scene from the back of the 20 Yuan note. However most of the rocks, hills and gorges blended into one and as we pulled into Yangshou we contented ourselves that we had at last seen some of the fabulous countryside that China is famous for.