Chinese food for lunch in Beijing

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Chinese food for lunch in Beijing

After our trip to the Forbidden Palace we were grateful for the cool air conditioning of our lunchtime destination – a Chinese restaurant called Wang Zhe.

We had a warm welcome from a lady dressed in traditional Chinese costume and were were shown downstairs to our own private dining room.

The food in China has long been one of the worries for us and last night’s visit to the night market hasn’t reassured us (although it was a great experience!).

However the food at Wang Zhe is excellent. Reminiscent of Chinese restaurant food in the UK we were served:
• sweet and sour chicken
• fried beef and noodles
• shrimp and green beans
• duck with bean shoots
• a further beef dish which I don’t know the name of but also seemed to contain fried bread croutons
• tomato soup
• rice

I had also had a worry that as the food is included in the tour price it might be cheap or thin on the ground. This could not have been further from the truth. There was so much food that we couldn’t eat it all and it was all fantastic and a really high quality.