Dumplings for Dinner

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Dumplings for Dinner

After the mix up with the train times arriving in Xian, our tour company Dragon Delight, kindly offered us a free lunch at a famous dumpling restaurant – Defachang. We had not had dumplings at all so far and so was not sure what to expect.

The restaurant was large and airy with plenty of waitresses on hand to help us. Once we were seated one of the waitresses explained that the meal would consist of 19 different dumplings, most of them steamed but some boiled or fried.

However before we got to the dumplings there was a first course of cold appetisers including mini spare ribs, garlic stems, sweet potatoes and salad. As we ate this, a waitress put a large pot on the table with soup in it and a flame beneath. Into this pot was placed some mini dumplings Our waitress explained that the number of dumplings that you got in your soup was a sign of your fortune. For example 3 dumplings meant you would get a promotion (luckily I got 3!) while 4 for example meant you would come into money (so the next holiday is presumably on Lisa!)

Then came the dumplings. They came in a steady flow atop a steamer – 10 on each steamer, 5 of each type (one for each of us). There were all kinds – pork, beef, corn, walnuts, vegetables, chicken, chicken wings etc. To go with the dumplings there was a side bowl in which you could make a dip from a combination of vinegar, soya sauce and chilli. Finally there was a sweet dumpling.

There was no way to finish the whole lot – I ate all my share but the children slowed down and gradually more and more was left. If there really had been 19 varieties then we were served 96 dumplings in total between the 5 of us and I guess we left about 15-20. Not bad!