Flying to China. The beginning of our adventure

Flag of People Republic of China
My family travelled to China & this site tells our first hand experiences.

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Flying to China. The beginning of our adventure

China. Land of myth. Land of culture. Land of communism.

An amazing place that I have always dreamed of visiting. The Great Wall, the Forbidden Palace, the Pandas. There are many reasons to visit but to take a family of five? Well that’s what we are doing. It supposed to be an adventure after all.

Sitting in a plane 11,125m in the air above Russia and it all lays ahead of us. The whole family is excited but also there is a palpable sense of nervousness. What will it really be like? We’ve heard all sorts of horror stories about the food and in about 8 hours we are going to start to find out whether these stories are true!

But our trip to China is like all of our trips – an adventure waiting to happen. We have a full itinerary and are relying on our local guides to make sure all goes well. Whether it is tobogganing down from the great wall, or visiting a local Chinese family or the Kung Fu lesson in Guillin or the Chinese cooking lesson. I don’t know what the highlight will be and it will probably be different for all of us but hopefully we’ll see at least some of the real China. Learn something of their culture and make new friends.

So I am sitting with trepidation but also with anticipation of the journey ahead. Whatever the next two weeks hold, it is going to leave us with an experience which we will never forget!