Buying or not buying jade in China

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Buying or not buying jade in China

Jade is found in quantity in only 3 countries, we were told by our guide to the Jade factory (Run-Ze Jade Garden) we stopped at on our way to the Great Wall. And China produces 80% of the world’ jade.

We had a quick demonstration of the 3 step process – Choosing the stone, cutting the stone and polishing the stone.

The a quick education on the different types of jade which seem to cover every colour from the traditional dark green jade to a marvellous orange agate. Then it was into the shop!

The carving truly is wonderful. Not only the intricately caved statues of dragons, lions, elephants (in fact every conceivable animal) and buddhas by the dozen but incredible balls made of a single piece of jade but containing many smaller balls within it that have been carved without breaking the original stone.

The jewellery is also beautiful with many different bangles and jade earrings and pendants.

However the prices are fantastical. The cheapest we saw was small animals for around 300 Yuans to large statues priced in the tens of thousands of US Dollars.

It was a nice place to visit but we came away empty handed!