Leaving Beijing

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Leaving Beijing

We had a great few days I Beijing and on the journey to the station I reflected on our experiences. We got most of what we wanted to out of our stay. We did Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, the rickshaw ride, the Hutong and the Peking Opera. Of these only the Peking Opera was a disappointment.

Our guide, Johnny, was nice and gave us good insight into the history of these wonderful places. He was perhaps a little quick when walking in crowded places and we did need to rush a little to catch up. But we really enjoyed or time in Beijing.

One thing I found myself reflecting on as we sat on the train as it pulled out of Beijing station that all the history we had learned about was pre-20th century. While we saw the outside of the National Museum and the queue for Mao’s body, we hadn’t seen any of the Republic of China (1911 to 1949) or the communist era of the Peoples Republic of China (since 1949). The only time we touched on it was when Johnny explained (unasked) that he was not able to talk about the Tiananmen Square incident in 1989. I therefore resolved to try and find out more - it seems I would not get this insight from the guides but I had brought a couple of books that might help me - A History of China (Audio Book) and Wild Swans by Jung Chang.