Leaving Xian

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Leaving Xian

We really could have spent another day or two exploring Xian. Our main objective of going there was the visit the Terracotta Warriors but it had much more to offer than that. As I stood on the train as it pulled out of the station I could see the full extent of one side of the city wall with it’s drum and bell towers and wide sweep across the whole city. If I had been planning the trip again I would have included a cycle around the city wall as well as including a trip to the Shanxxi museum (which was on our itinerary but we decided to drop to enable a slightly longer lay in after our earlier than expected train journey from Bejing).

Our visit was also may more pleasurable by our guide, Ying who took us around the city, explained the history in perfect English and was happy to listen to Tom’s many questions! I never know how much to tip so I always work on a £10 GBP per day for a guide (200 Yuan for the 2 days). I hope this worked out right as Ying certainly helped us get the most out of our short stop in Xian.

Our final trip with her was no exception. Ying came with us to to the train station and arranged for a porter she had used before to help us with our baggage. She was not allowed onto the platform but the porter stayed with us until the train was called and helped us to get out luggage onto the train – well worth the 100 Yuan we paid him!