Peking Duck Dinner in Beijing

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Peking Duck Dinner in Beijing

You could be forgiven for thinking that Peking Duck Dinner is the same as the westernised Crispy Aromatic Duck found in Chinese Restaurants in the UK by listening to our guide’s description.

‘you put the duck and skin in a pancake and wrap it with sauce and cucumber or spring onion.’

It does seem most likely that western version originates from the Chinese one. However our visit to Beijing Tangyuan Restaurant taught us some important differences.

The duck came with the main meal although served last rather than as an intermediate course and secondly, and most importantly, how the duck was served. In UK restaurants the duck is shredded whereas in China the duck comes in slices still wrapped in thick skin.

The meal at Tangyuon was nice. The meal was good and the atmosphere clean and quiet. A glass of Chinese wine was included (a little sweet for our liking) as was a further soft drink each (apparently the definition included a beer!). However were very glad that the guide stayed to get us settled in as they spoke very little English.