Traditional Sichuan food at the Tibet Hotel in Chengdu

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Traditional Sichuan food at the Tibet Hotel in Chengdu

The Tibet Hotel might seem a strange place to be introduced to Sichuan food but we had no complaints.

Spicy Sichuan food at the Tibet hotel in ChengduSichuan cuisine is spicy, like the local woman our guide Ken told us. The level of spice can be divided into five categories from one to five with one being mild and five blowing your head off!

We sat down in the plush surroundings of the Tibet Hotel restaurant and the food emerged quickly. When Ken had asked us how spicy we like it we’d settled on 3 with some mild food too for Kate after several optimistic cries of 4 or 5! We were glad in the that we opted for caution.

After some cold appetisers the food started to pile up. There was local spinach (mild), pork and bean (mild), dumplings (hot), a wonderful beef in a soya sauce with chillies and whole gloves of garlic (very hot) and a cabbage (mild) with of course rice.

The heat in the cooking became evident as you ate your way through and both boys needed to have some additional water to quench the fire in their mouths. Thank goodness we didn’t go for number 5!