Wuhou Memorial temple and market

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Wuhou Memorial temple and market

Statues at the Wuhou memorial to Zhuge Liang and Emporer Lui BeiMost temples or memorials are built in honour of the emperor and you would be forgiven for thinking the Wuhou memorial or shrine was similar. The shrine is an attractive wooden structure with many characters from the ‘three kingdoms’ period apparently guarding the shrine of the Emperor Lui Bei who is flanked on both sides by his two statues of members of his family.

However the Wuhou shrine was actually built to celebrate and remember the life and deeds of Lui Bei’s most trusted advisors – his prime minister and military leader Zhuge Liang.

To see Zhuge Liang’s statue you have to walk further into the complex and it is tactfully lower than the emperor but is no less impressive.

After visiting the Wuhou memorial, we walked down the ancient local market streets with food and gifts on all sides. Thankfully these shops are all fixed price which makes decision making a little easier and we picked up a Chinese puzzle for one of Callum’s friends for 70 Yuan (this was probably a little pricey but it was a nice puzzle set)