Xian city walls

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Xian city walls

City wall around Xian in ChinaLike many Chinese cities, Xian has a large city wall which once upon a time enclosed the whole city but has log since been outgrown with new buildings being built and new residential areas sprawling into the distance.

However Xian’s city wall is an attractive place to walk or ride around the city. It is about 14km all round and while we only walked a small way I can see it would be a pleasant way to spend an afternoon. You can hire bikes on the wall and it apparently takes about an hour to get all the way round.

The wall would have been a serious obstacle to an invading army being several metres high and around the outside of the Walls is a wide moat. While we were there we also bumped into a small contingent of mock soldiers dressed in traditional fighting gear which made a good photo stop!