Boat ride on the lake and the Ying Ding bridge

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Boat ride on the lake and the Ying Ding bridge

Our boat on the lake by the Ying Ding BridgeIt wasn’t quite the quiet romantic boat trip I had imagined but our ride around the lake by the Ying Ding bridge was still worthwhile.

In my imagination I had pictured a large boat with many passengers at tables gliding serenely up a river to a the bridge. In reality, the Ying Ding bridge is at the entrance to a large, probably man made lake with many restaurants and bars surrounding it. And the boats were small but pretty, with a small table running down the middle and enough space for 8-10 people at most. They had two Chinese lanterns at the front and are powered by a man, standing with a single paddle at the back and pulling it too and fro to propel the boat forward.

We had a boat to ourselves and tea was served at the little table. Then our pilot pushed off and we rode leisurely around the lake which was dark, lit by lights from the restaurants and the floating candles that had be released onto the surface of the water.

We declined the option to be serenaded as we went but it would probably have been drowned out by the rather noisy music from some of the nearby bars.